Google donation approved to HUNIG

17 March 2016
Stefanija Novak Zoroe
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In February 2016 HUNIG applied for a donation under the Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits programme and at the beginning of March 2016 the application was accepted. HUNIG received funds for Google AdWords™ advertising on Google search result pages.

By this donation HUNIG as a nonprofit professional association is entitled to free Google Ad Words ads. By more frequent appearance of HUNIG ads next to Google search results, more members of the expert community both in Croatia and internationally will learn about HUNIG activities, which will certainly contribute to the expansion of the association and the quality of work on promotion of oil and gas profession.

In addition, it has to be mentioned that using Google analytics HUNIG continuously carried out analysis of HUNIG site users, in order to improve the quality of information and attract new users.

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