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HUNIG Electoral Assembly

26. OCTOBER , 2018
Stefanija Novak Zoroe
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Želimir Šikonja new HUNIG President


At the HUNIG Electoral Assembly attended by more than 80 members, Želimir Šikonja was elected as new President. Thanking on behalf of all the members elected to the positions and bodies within HUNIG he outlined main directions of HUNIG's work during his term of office from 2018-2022, which can be put into three words – proactiveness, rejuvenation and openness.

Bringing experts together and encouraging their potentials

Bringing experts together and encouraging their creative potentials is one of the most important roles which HUNIG should embrace more strongly. Organising, but, also improving the quality of professional gatherings and lectures by contemporary, specific and practical topics, publishing, and continuation of digital transformation will be among the backbones of HUNIG's work. Furthermore, encouraging openness towards the public will contribute to raising public awareness of the significance of oil and gas industry and its benefits to the country’s entire economic development. HUNIG will nurture active cooperation with institutions, faculties, companies and related associations, and liaisons with similar European and global professional associations. Active participation in proposing and adopting oil and gas, and energy regulations was stressed as an important segment of work for the upcoming period. After prior approval by HUNIG Presidency, detailed work plan, along with the financial plan will be presented by the new President at the Assembly scheduled for December this year.

2017 Work and Financial Report

The Electoral Assembly was opened by the vice-president, Dubravko Novosel, and then the Assembly was chaired by the Working Presidency comprised of Željko Tremac (President), Daria Karasalihović Sedlar, Nataša Vujec and Stefanija Novak Zoroe. The Assembly accepted the report on HUNIG's activities in the previous four-year term of office, when in addition to lectures and round tables, two international conferences and exhibitions were organised, each gathering more than 250 participants. In addition, 15 issues of the Oil & Gas Journal were published and HUNIG membership increased by 62 members. The major advancement was achieved in digitalization and digital marketing. The assembly also accepted the 2017 financial report stating revenue of HRK 1,066,316 and expenses of HRK 991,563, along with Supervisory Board Report presented by Melita Ćapin, SB President.

Amendments to the Articles of Associations

At the proposal of the Presidency, the Assembly unanimously accepted amendments to the Articles of Association, relating to the deletion of HUNIG Sections as units which were no legal entities. The number of vice-presidents was increased from two to four. Instead of a single signatory, mandatory co-signing of two authorised persons was introduced both for representation and for financial operations. In addition, the number of Presidency members was limited to 21 as a maximum. Finally, provision of consultancy services relating to HUNIG's field of work was added to the economic activity of the association and a new paragraph was inserted into the same article to enable founding of a company as a legal entity for carrying out economic activity.

Elected HUNIG bodies

The Assembly unanimously elected new HUNIG vice-presidents: academician Goran Durn for geology, Jerko Jelić Balta for petroleum engineering, doc.dr. sc. Darko Pavlović for energy and safety, and Željko Tremac for legislation. Chief Secretary is Stefanija Novak Zoroe, and Editor-in-Chief of the Oil & Gas Journal is Ivan Meandžija. Presidency members are: Želimir Šikonja, Goran Durn, Jerko Jelić Balta, Željko Tremac, Darko Pavlović, Stefanija Novak Zoroe, and Ivan Meandžija by virtue of their positions and Laslo Farkaš Višontai, Lovorka Kipson Blažević, Nataša Vujec, Željko Belošić, Robert Bošnjak, Bruno Ernečić and Gordana Sekulić (representatives of founder companies). The assembly unanimously accepted the proposal of the Electoral Committee to elect Melita Ćapin, Željko Lukić and Mirko Lukić to the Supervisory Board. Antun Bauk, Zdenko Krištafor and Vladimir Cazin were elected to the Court of Honour.

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