New 148the issue of Oil & Gas Journal

21 November 2016
Stefanija Novak Zoroe
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The Editorial Board has prepared a new, 148th issue of the “OIL & GAS“ journal of the Croatian Association of Petroleum Engineers & Geologists. In this issue which has been supported by The Foundation of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) you can find topics presented at the round table of HUNIG and the Scientific Council for Crude Oil & Gas of HAZU titled “How to provide new hydrocarbon reserves aiming at long term stable energy development of Croatia”. For this gathering Stevo Kolundžić, Andreja Ana Lopac and Mladen Šourek prepared a paper titled NEW NATURAL GAS SUPPLY ROUTES AND THE PLACE AND ROLE OF THE LNG TERMINAL ON THE ISLAND OF KRK.

In the regular column OIL & GAS NEWS the author, Božidar Omrčen presents a selection of world news about oil and gas exploration, discoveries and production.

PROPOSAL OF REGULATORY FRAMEWORK AND RISK MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES FOR UNCONVENTIONAL HYDROCARBON PROJECTS IN CROATIA is a topic prepared by Daria Karasalihović Sedlar and Lucija Jukić from the RGN Faculty, and Nikola Barić from INA.

Authors Zlatko Tonković and Milan Ivanović in their review article titled BRINGING NATURAL GAS TO THE REGION OF SLAVONIA – 40 YEARS OF HEP PLIN d.o.o. Osijek provide a historical overview of oil and gas exploration in Slavonia in the 20th century, and give an account of the role of “Elektroslavonija“Osijek in the gas distribution network development in the region OF Slavonia and Baranja and the growth of HEP Plin d.o.o. In this article we can also find out about pipeline construction and development of gas distribution area, the number of employees and business results over the past 40 years.

In the second part of the professional paper titled DRILLING TECHNOLOGIES AND SUBSEA PRODUCTION SYSTEMS IN ULTRA-DEEP WATER Vladislav Brkić and Božidar Omrčen deal with hydrocarbon production from deep-water reservoirs.

Three INA experts Saša Matić, Zrinka Žanić and Hrvoje Herceg prepared an article titled HEATING SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION AT GAS FACILITIES MOLVE. Jasmina Jelić- Balta contributed an article titled MEET THE UPSTREAM LABORATORY.

Igor Dekanić brings the second continuation of the review article dealing with an interesting topic INTERNATIONAL OIL COMPANIES IN THE SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE IN THE FIRST HALF OF THE 20TH CENTURY.

In recent years we have witnessed fast development of the energy market in Croatia, not only in commercial but also in regulatory terms. Therefore in MET Croatia they are continually adapting their products and services in line with the changing environment including the final phase of market liberalisation and a newly opened possibility of active electricity trading. In this time of constant change, MET Croatia is engaged in gas retail and wholesale activities in Croatia with presence on both the gas and electricity markets. You can learn more about them in the article titled MET CROATIA – ONE OF THE THREE LARGEST INDEPENDENT NATURAL GAS SUPPLIERS IN CROATIA.

Last pages of the journal are reserved for the news about HUNIG activities.

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