2016 HUNIG Work Plan

10 march 2016
Stefanija Novak Zoroe
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At the annual HUNIG assembly meeting held on 7 March 2016 HUNIG work plan for the year was accepted. It is planned to organise 2 to 3 round tables and 3 to 4 lectures independently or together with the scientific Council for Crude Oil and Gas of HAZU and other associations on the following topics: Energy future of Croatia, Hydrocarbon exploration onshore and offshore Croatia, Legal and economic aspects of bringing into production new discoveries in existing Croatian fields, managing mature oil and gas fields, EOR projects in existing reservoirs, LNG project as a new challenge for Croatia. Global and Croatian unconventional potentials, Technological advancements in transport, conditioning and managing natural and liquefied gas, Development of gas business in Croatia – Security of gas supply – New supply routes, Strategy for developing underground gas storages in Croatia, Environmental protection in oil and gas industry, Geothermal potentials in Croatia and other.

It is planned to publish five issues of the OIL & GAS Journal, and also undertaking different activities to expand and/or rejuvenate the association membership.

As regards IT and marketing activities the plan includes:

  • Creating a new web site adjusted to tablets and mobiles;
  • Maintaining HUNIG page on LINKEDIN;
  • Carrying out monthly NEWSLETTER campaigns using MailChimp software;
  • Newsletter analysis in order to adjust and improve the quality of business campaigns;
  • Completing a unique e-base of HUNIG members as per the Associations Act;
  • Google analytics – analysis of HUNIG site users in order to improve information quality and attract new users;
  • Application for Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits for funds for Google AdWords™ advertising of all HUNIG activities on the pages with results of Google search (donation approved on 02.03.2016.);
  • Implementing HUNIG professional paper database on the redesigned web site;
  • Investigation and implementation of new information technologies;
  • Updating web site with latest news.


Other activities:

  • Participating in the work of Croatian Engineering Association (HIS) through activities in the HIS Management Board and Assembly and at the Croatian Engineers Day Celebration;
  • Participating at energy conferences and round tables organised by institutions or professional associations;
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency;
  • Keeping track of Croatian regulations in the field of energy;
  • Achieving compliance of HUNIG Secretariat work with new regulations for non-profit organisations;
  • Achieving compliance of HUNIG work with the new regulation on the financial management and control system and preparation and execution of financial plans for non-profit organisations
  • Filing in the questionnaire about financial management and control system operation in 2015; promoting HUNIG work in institutions and media.


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