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HUNIG Assembly accepted 2019 Work and Financial Plan

30. january 2019.
Stefanija Novak Zoroe
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International Conference in Šibenik in early October

  • From 2-3 October in Šibenik HUNIG will organise the Tenth Jubilee International Oil, Gas & Primary Energy Conference and Exhibition

At the regular HUNIG Assembly held on 30 January in INA HQ building, Zagreb, Mario Tot from the “Hrvoje Požar“ Energy Institute gave a presentation on “Analyses and Inputs for Developing Croatian Energy Strategy“. In the introduction Tot reflected on the energy picture in the EU and Croatia and the surroundings, and outlined the strategic goals of energy development – growing, flexible and sustainable energy, better connection of energy infrastructure and higher energy efficiency. He presented two energy transformation scenarios – accelerated and moderate, and talked about consumption of fossil fuels, electricity, renewables share in consumption, and carbon dioxide emission projections. He gave a detailed overview of investments in the Croatian energy sector estimated to HRK 133 to 160 billion in the period 2020-2050 (without the building sector and hydrocarbon exploration).

As regards natural gas production Tot stressed that domestic production decrease is expected until 2020. After that year production increase is anticipated as a result of production from new gas fields. Gas production increase is expected until 2035, which would then again be followed by decline of production from own sources. He also mentioned European supply routes, development of SE European projects and the Croatian gas network development. Croatian gas system development is prompted by the gas market development and the need for an adequate level of safety of supply from domestic production and from import routes via Slovenia and Hungary, while peak needs are met by gas from the Okoli UGS.

The Assembly continued by HUNIG President's detailed presentation of the work program which the Presidency accepted at the meeting held on 23 January 2019. Šikonja stressed that HUNIG will keep fostering development of the oil and gas industry and the entire energy sector with the major goal of achieving as high as possible level of Croatia’s energy independence. HUNIG will particularly focus on promotion of new technologies and transfer of know-how, and enhancement of the quality of work through proactive engagement, openness and rejuvenation. In 2019, independently and in cooperation with other associations and institutions, HUNIG will organise round tables and lectures and the Tenth Jubilee International Conference and Exhibition, which will be held in Šibenik from 2-3 October.

As regards publishing, HUNIG will publish four issues of the Oil & Gas Journal, and start preparations for a monograph about 55 years of HUNIG, and consider possibilities for publishing study notes, manuals, etc. Apart from better cooperation with Croatian associations, institutions and faculties, HUNIG plans to enhance cooperation with similar associations in the region and worldwide, such as the Croatian Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. HUNIG members are expected to actively contribute and participate in drafting legislation relating to the oil and gas exploration and production, and the energy sector, and in developing the Croatian energy strategy. Commenced digitalisation of HUNIG business processes, and papers archives, will continue along with a variety of marketing activities particularly relating to the organisation of the upcoming Tenth Jubilee International Conference.

HUNIG Chief Secretary Stefanija Novak Zoroe presented 2019 financial plan. HUNIG plans to generate HRK 730,000 from selling goods and services, HRK 380,000 of membership fees from legal and physical persons, HRK 20,000 from donations and HRK 500 of other income. Total revenue would amount to HRK 1,131,000 and expenses are planned in the amount of HRK 910,000.

At the proposal of the Presidency the Assembly unanimously elected Marko Cvetković from the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb as HUNIG vice-president for geology.


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