Lecture: Managing Mature Pannonian Fields

11 March 2016
Stefanija Novak Zoroe
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Before the working part of the regular annual HUNIG assembly meeting held on 07.03.2016. Jerko Jelić Balta, INA Field Development sector Director held a lecture titled “MANAGING MATURE PANNONIAN FIELDS“.

When speaking about the Croatian part of the Pannonian basin main focus of INA Exploration & Production is on 18 fields containing around 90 hydrocarbon reserves and accounting for 90 per cent of the current onshore oil and gas production. These are 13 oil fields (Ivanić, Žutica, Stružec, Kloštar, Šandrovac, Beničanci, Kučanci-Kapelna, Đeletovci, Privlaka, Kozarice, Jamarice, Obod-Lacići & Lipovljani) and five gas fields (Molve, Gola, Kalinovac, Stari Gradac & Okoli). Said 18 oil and gas fields house 2000 wells of all types, or 199 reservoirs.

Engineer Jelić-Balta pointed out three main directions of activities undertaken by INA upstream experts in managing mature fields through projects launched at the end of 2013 which already gave first results in enhancing hydrocarbon production. The first direction is improving well performance by well works such as stimulations, treatments, fracturing and by lifting system optimization. The other set of activities is directed towards improving reservoir performance which will be achieved by for example 3D seismic reinterpretation, opening new intervals and other. The third direction is implementation of EOR technology in the Ivanić, Žutica, Stružec and Beničanci fields, but also in other Pannonian fields.

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